Monday, June 21, 2010

Update 6-21-2010

I had expected to do monthly updates and I will try my best to stick to that from now on.

Undine: Printed version still expected within six months.

Mohammed and Jeff: I sent Paul the script to the sequel again as the original had been lost. I have yet to hear anything back. I have plans for two more short stories and a couple of brief comic strip type gags. The final Mohammed and Jeff story will be a Christmas special.

Insurgency: America: Payments are done. Pages are being approved soon. A few ideas are in place for a second issue. Final length unknown but likely to be between 6 and 10 issues.

Collaborations: I have a lot of collaborations going but they seem to be dead or dormant right now. The good news is that most of them are promising ideas that can easily be revived. I am trying to find a co-writer for a new project but I have had no luck with it.

I am presently editing Sequential Daze for Renderwrx and writing an associated editorial. I will also be writing a multi-part article for upcoming issues of Sequential Daze. My fourth issue is due out by the end of the week.

I will also be editing an upcoming column called The Versus Project. This is also for Renderwrx. That column is basically Deadliest Warrior only applied to fictional characters. I have three features finished. Despite this, there is no firm due date for the first column because of a hold up with the associated art. The finished features are Hulk/Thor, Black Cat/Catwoman and Batman/Wolverine. I have edited all three, significantly contributed (about a third) for the first two and written the third on my own. I am also co-writing half of an upcoming Daleks/Borg feature. I will give you more news on that when I know it.

New Projects:
I have a few new projects on the horizon.
One is a postcolonial heroic fantasy/western novel. I am excited since I have never written a novel before.
The second and third are two really cool superhero projects. One is a Cold War era re-purposing of PD characters and the other is a pastiche of Saturday Morning cartoons.
I am also trying to find a writing partner for a new project in the vein of Welcome to the Dollhouse and Towelhead. I have a great idea but I can't pull it off solo.