Monday, July 19, 2010

Style Analysis

So I put multiple samples of my writing in to "I Write Like" to see who I write like.

The final tally was:

- H. P. Lovecraft (X3)
- James Joyce (X2)
- Kurt Vonnegut (X2)
- Arthur C. Clarke, Cory Doctorow, Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde, Vladimir Nabokov, Margaret Mitchell, Dan Brown, Raymond Chandler (once each)

Breaking it down a bit more:

Original Comic Scripts were Clarke, Poe, Joyce and Chandler.

Articles were Doctorow and Lovecraft.

Adapted Works were Wilde (Shakespeare adaptation) and Mitchell (Ibsen adaptation).

The older (2003/2004) works were the Vonneguts, the Joyces, the Brown and the Chandler.

The Nabokov was for notes for a podcast on Lolita (more news on that soon). There were a few quotes but this was scarily accurate.

My Sequential Daze editorials were both Lovecraft and the article for the upcoming issue was the Doctorow.

So what does this indicate?

The Lovecraft ones seem to indicate a love of tone and obscure words. The Joyce references are obscure words, intertextuality and allusions. I'm not so sure what to make of the older Vonnegut references.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Update 6-21-2010

I had expected to do monthly updates and I will try my best to stick to that from now on.

Undine: Printed version still expected within six months.

Mohammed and Jeff: I sent Paul the script to the sequel again as the original had been lost. I have yet to hear anything back. I have plans for two more short stories and a couple of brief comic strip type gags. The final Mohammed and Jeff story will be a Christmas special.

Insurgency: America: Payments are done. Pages are being approved soon. A few ideas are in place for a second issue. Final length unknown but likely to be between 6 and 10 issues.

Collaborations: I have a lot of collaborations going but they seem to be dead or dormant right now. The good news is that most of them are promising ideas that can easily be revived. I am trying to find a co-writer for a new project but I have had no luck with it.

I am presently editing Sequential Daze for Renderwrx and writing an associated editorial. I will also be writing a multi-part article for upcoming issues of Sequential Daze. My fourth issue is due out by the end of the week.

I will also be editing an upcoming column called The Versus Project. This is also for Renderwrx. That column is basically Deadliest Warrior only applied to fictional characters. I have three features finished. Despite this, there is no firm due date for the first column because of a hold up with the associated art. The finished features are Hulk/Thor, Black Cat/Catwoman and Batman/Wolverine. I have edited all three, significantly contributed (about a third) for the first two and written the third on my own. I am also co-writing half of an upcoming Daleks/Borg feature. I will give you more news on that when I know it.

New Projects:
I have a few new projects on the horizon.
One is a postcolonial heroic fantasy/western novel. I am excited since I have never written a novel before.
The second and third are two really cool superhero projects. One is a Cold War era re-purposing of PD characters and the other is a pastiche of Saturday Morning cartoons.
I am also trying to find a writing partner for a new project in the vein of Welcome to the Dollhouse and Towelhead. I have a great idea but I can't pull it off solo.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Present Status of Projects 3-25-2010

Mohammed and Jeff/Undine: Spoke to publisher about a week ago. Printed versions are expected within the next six months. Undine has a better chance at being published first. I have written a sequel to Mohammed and Jeff featuring Jeff's "secret origin" that should get published soon.

Insurgency: America: Some cash flow problems are holding this up on my end. I should be able to finish the payments in the next three months. Once that is done, things are good to go.

Collaborations: I have a lot of collaborative projects that have gone on the backburner but I am focusing on two that are being pushed as movie/comic properties. More news when it is ready.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Since I took down my last blog in June of 2009, I have mostly blogged on Twitter (@crestmere) and Myspace ( but I have felt the need to put up a new professional blog.

This blog will only cover news related to my writing. I will make another blog for personal things.